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Hey! Hi! Hello!

My name is Louisa Dorethea Lombaard, that's  a mouth full though so you can call me Louise. I can give you my life story but that we can do over a cup of coffee. You want to know what I can do for you.Bellow I explain my top 5 results from the Gallup strength finder. These top 5 strengths of mine will elaborate on how I think and execute, which I naturally apply in the work environment. 




Achievers are natural finishers.  Achievers thrive in conditions where there are clear deadlines, a strong work ethic and continuous challenges to be achieved regarding tasks. They achieve goals, deadlines, dreams and ambitions. Their energy to achieve and finish is fuelled by their need for clear, challenging goals, on a regular base. This talent will give you drive and energy to outwork most people, provided you have the goals in sight that you wish to achieve.  As a natural finisher, your drive is strongly task and work related, with very little emotion tied to it.  You will finish a task and shift it aside, moving towards the next goal, without the need for acknowledgement, as the simple achievement of reaching your goal is enough to give you the feeling of success. Others will be inspired or even dragged along by your strong work ethic and drive towards success.  

Futurists look forward and embrace the future.  They thrive in conditions where they can think far ahead, be visionary, be involved in forecasts and plan for the future with high expectation.  They are often ahead of the rest when it comes to understanding where the world, trends or patterns are heading.  They have energy to dream about the future and embrace it with high hopes.  Futurists may often find themselves so far ahead of the rest that they struggle to explain to others what they see or how they come to their decisions.  They also tend to be fast in their decisions and actions, and they embrace change and progress.


Learners are well skilled in their field and fast learners.  They thrive in conditions where they have access to new, relevant and practical skills and information.  Usually Learners also makes great teachers.  They learn fast and they tend to be very practical in their application of knowledge.  Learners get bored very easily when a learning process is slow, and they will disengage when they cannot see the relevance or application in what they need to learn.  To them, application and relevance of skill and information will always be the determining factor, and not if something is merely “interesting”.


Input owners are inquisitive with an amazing capacity for information.  They thrive in conditions where they can research, read, gather information and share it.  Input has the need to be informed and to stay up to date, especially within their field of interest or specialization.They are naturally knowledgeable and have the capacity and ability to process a lot of information fast.  They also love to inform others by sharing what they know.  Input usually find it very difficult to throw anything away or delete any information as they consider it to be of possible value or use in the future.  They also often love collecting things, be it books, items or novelties.


Intellection owners are deep thinkers.  They thrive in conditions where they can muse, contemplate and think deeply - mostly alone.  They always seem to be in a world of their own, cut off from everything around them, when they are in the contemplative zone.  They often love intellectual discussions or arguments, and embrace philosophy or deep poetry.  Intellection need a lot of time and will not come to a fast conclusion or even respond immediately as they need time to think.  When given time and space, they come up with incredible thoughts and arguments that will add value to any process or discussion.  They are mostly introverts who values silence and time to be alone.